it takes a village to run BASSPLACE and without the support and hardwork of many this vision wouldn't have ever came to fruition. Thank you to those that dedicate their time to the vision. 1love <3

photog: @scubasteve_84


For the unsung heroes behind the scenes, your expertise in sound and lighting is the heartbeat of our electronic music shows. Your dedication transforms every beat and hue into a mesmerizing experience, captivating our senses and elevating the event beyond imagination. Thank you for orchestrating a world where music and light converge in perfect harmony.

To add to, we plan on bringing some unique events outside of the club in the near future, stay tuned!

photog: @scubasteve_84

last but not least...


At the forefront of innovation, we tirelessly curate our shows to showcase the cutting-edge of bass music. Our commitment is to always be in the mix, bringing you the hottest artists and the freshest sounds in the scene. Join us in experiencing the pulse of modern bass music, where every show is a step into the future of electrifying rhythms and groundbreaking performances.

photog: @scubasteve_84